Idaho Controlled Hunt Tag Deadline August 1st

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Big game hunters who names were drawn in controlled hunt drawings have to buy their tags by August 1.

Any tags not purchased by that date will be forfeit. After a second drawing, any leftover tags are sold over the counter.

Results of deer, elk, antelope and fall black bear controlled hunt drawings are available on the Fish and Game website at:

Hunters can buy their tags at any Fish and Game office, license vendor, by telephone at 800-554-8685, or online at For information on rules and dates for specific hunts consult the regulations brochure or the Fish and Game Website.

And those lucky enough to draw can use Fish and Game's Hunt Planner at: to plan those fall hunts.

It is the responsibility of hunters to determine whether they were drawn for a controlled hunt.

For hunters who weren't drawn, big game over-the-counter tags also are available in many big game units. For details contract license vendors or local Fish and Game offices.


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I'm not sure how things work

I'm not sure how things work in Idaho but it sounds like you get to apply first and then only have to go and buy the license if your name is actually drawn. That system would work great for me but I'm sure it could cause problems for the state if too many guys needed to back out. It adds a level of dedication to your application when you have to send all the mony in with it. I know here in Colorado I put a lot of thought into what I plan to apply for every year.