Hunting Season Misprints

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Grouse and some deer hunters should note misprints for season dates in some Game, Fish and Parks publications.

"In the spring Small Game Season brochure we printed in April, the start date for grouse was listed as Sept. 14," said Communications Manager Chuck Schlueter. "However, South Dakota's grouse season opens the third Saturday in September, which is Sept. 21."

Another misprint regards the youth deer season. An insert noting the hunting units sent with the 2002 youth deer hunting licenses indicate the dates for the youth deer season were Sept. 15-23 and Dec. 8-31. The correct dates are Sept 14-22 and Dec. 7-31, which are printed on each youth deer license. Letters to youth deer license holders have been sent to notify of this error.

Lastly, the start date for the South Dakota muzzleloader deer season was listed as Dec. 7 in the application and on those big game licenses. By law, the muzzleloader start date is Dec. 14. A letter has been sent to each muzzleloader license holder detailing the correct start date for this season.