Hunting and Fishing License Requirements for Active Military Modified

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The Alabama Legislature recently amended the hunting and fishing license requirements for active military personnel. The modifications go into effect August 1, 2004.

Beginning on that date, U.S. military personnel stationed in Alabama on active duty are deemed residents for the purpose of purchasing a hunting license, freshwater fishing license or saltwater fishing license. Proof of active military status must be shown when purchasing a license.

In addition, residents of Alabama who are on leave from active military duty may hunt or fish without purchasing a license. For example, an Alabama resident who is a member of the Armed Forces and stationed in another state returns to Alabama for leave. He or she does not have to purchase a license to hunt or fish while on leave in Alabama.

Changes to the hunter education requirement also go into effect on August 1. All persons born on or after August 1, 1977, are required to obtain hunter education certification before they purchase a hunting license.

The new law exempts the following from that requirement: active duty U.S. military personnel, Alabama residents who are active members of the National Guard, and persons certified by the Alabama Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission as law enforcement officers who are employed by a law enforcement agency. Proof of this status must be shown to be exempt from the hunter education requirement.