Hunter's Specialties Scent-A-Way Now Available as Aerosol

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Hunter's Specialties® new Scent-A-Way™ aerosol advanced formula spray provides the same proven human scent control as the original packaging in a handy aerosol form that eliminates spills and waste.

Scent-A-Way Advanced Formula aerosol spray combines four key elements to help prevent and control human scent: molecular conversion, oxidizing, bonding and neutralizing in a laboratory tested formula that has been proven highly effective. The new aerosol container allows for a continuous spray - even with the can upside down.

Scent-A-Way Advanced Formula spray is all natural, environmentally friendly and won't harm the skin. It is safe to use on all materials and will not stain or fade clothing.

Scent-A-Way Advanced Formula spray is available in original formula or Earth Scent. It comes in a convenient 16 oz. can and sells for a suggested retail price of $8.99.

For more information, log onto the Hunter's Specialties website at, write to 6000 Huntington Court NE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402, or call a Consumer Service Specialist at 319-395-0321.


deerhunter30's picture

I use to use this product the

I use to use this product the first couple of years of hunting and I used it everytime I went out. Anytime a deer came down wind of me it could smell enough to keep him at a distance. But it didn't seem to scare him out of there but just enough to put him on alert.

I think the best way to work a deer is to just hunt the wind right. But I guess putting on scent away will help you if a deer comes from the wrong way and is working the wind on you this still will help. I just quit using it because I think putting stands higher in the tree and keeping your clothes from getting contaminated with something that isn't natural works just fine for me. There is not to many times were I am in the stand and I don't have some kind of deer come within shooting range and they don't have a clue that I am there.

It all comes down to how you hunt. 

hunter25's picture

I might have too pick some up

I might have too pick some up and try it as it's not something I have used much before. I always watch the wind when hunting here so have not put much stock in these products. I did use some in Texas when sitting in a blind as my guide swore by it but I'm not really sure it was necessary. But it can't hurt and if it makes a difference it's woth the mimimal cost to buy it.

As for the diference between a pump or an aresol I guess I'd just go with which ever one was cheaper at the time.

GooseHunter Jr's picture

I like the aresol idea as

I like the aresol idea as ease of use, but I think as in most cases when it comes to an aresol can, we tend to use more than we really need.  Atleast with the pump bottle you are not gonna use as much, which in turn it will last longer for you.