Hunters Sharing Their Harvest

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Last year Oklahoma hunters donated 42,000 pounds of venison, that’s 21 tons, to the Hunters Against Hunger program. That’s a lot of meat, in fact, it is enough to provide meals for 170,000 people. The program, co-sponsored by Nature Works Inc. and the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, facilitates the distribution of deer meat to hungry families in the state.

“We really appreciate the generous donations from hunters and meat processors around the state," said Sally White, programs director for the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. "We’ve already had around 1,500 pounds of venison donated this year. This meat is distributed almost immediately to hungry families and I know it is greatly appreciated.”

Hunters who legally harvest a deer during this year's deer seasons can simply deliver the deer to the nearest participating meat processor after checking the deer at a hunter check station. To help with processing charges, each donor is requested to contribute a tax-deductible $10 to assist with the program. The ground venison will then be distributed to the needy through a network of qualified, charitable organizations.

To find out more about the Hunters Against Hunger Program, or for a list of cooperating meat processors, check out page 24 of the “2004-05 Oklahoma Hunting Guide."