Hunters Reminded to Tag Bobcats

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The 2004-05 Oklahoma bobcat season closes Feb. 28, and anyone who has harvested a bobcat must have it tagged by March 14, 2005. With the season on other furbearers closing Jan. 31, all other pelts must be registered with the Wildlife Department by Feb. 10. All bobcats must be tagged within 10 working days of the close of the season by an authorized Wildlife Department employee or at a designated bobcat tagging station. A list of designated private bobcat tagging stations is available on the Department's Web site. Stations may charge a fee of 75 cents per tag. The tags need to be on the pelt to verify its legal harvest.

"The law requires states which allow the hunting or trapping of bobcats to monitor their harvest and document their origin of take. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service may use the tags to detect if bobcats or certain other furbearing species are being over-harvested and where problems with trade may occur," said Dennis Maxwell, law enforcement assistant chief for the Wildlife Department. "By meeting the law's requirements, our hunters and trappers are able to enjoy one of the most liberal bobcat seasons available and have the opportunity to export and sell the pelts they harvest."

Bobcats are common in Oklahoma, and pelts from cats harvested in the state may be sold on the worldwide market. However, bobcats are not as common in other parts of the nation. The CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) Act is an international law designed to keep track of where certain types of animals, like bobcats, are harvested.

To obtain a registration form for other pelts contact the Department’s Wildlife Division at (405) 521-2739.