Hunters Can Win a Spotting Scope

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Hunters who harvest a black-tailed deer in southwestern Oregon have the chance to win a spotting scope if they turn in deer teeth to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. The Umpqua Chapter of the Oregon Hunters Association donated a Bushnell sport view spotting scope valued at $100 for the drawing.

ODFW researchers are concerned with declining black-tailed deer harvest and hunter success in southwestern Oregon. By collecting the incisor teeth from harvested black-tailed deer, researchers can determine the population's age structure and give biologists better data to manage the population.

Hunters can turn in teeth from deer harvested in the following hunting units: Dixon, Melrose, Tioga, Sixes, Powers, Chetco, Applegate, Evans Creek, Rogue, and Indigo (Douglas County portion). Tooth collection envelopes are available at point-of-sale agents, tooth collection vendors, ODFW offices, and 60 collection sites around southwestern Oregon. Teeth can be collected at most of these sites as well or mailed to ODFW.

Once hunters turn in the teeth, they are entered into a drawing for the spotting scope. Hunters will also be notified of the age of their harvested deer.

The incisors are the two middle teeth from the front of the lower jaw. They should be removed by cutting down through the gum on both sides of each tooth, then gently loosened and pried forward. The root must be included.