Hunters Can Now Apply for Fall Hunts

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The 2004-05 Arizona Hunting Regulations are posted on the Arizona Game and Fish Department Web site at and hunters can start applying for the fall 2004 big game hunts.

The printed version of the hunt regulations should be available at license dealers around May 12. The deadline for submitting big game hunt permit applications for the fall hunts is June 8 at 7 p.m. MST. Postmarks do not count.

There are a number of regulation changes this year:

* A $15 habitat management stamp is required for the North Kaibab: All 12A (North Kaibab) deer hunters are now required to purchase a $15 Unit 12A habitat management stamp. Stamps can be purchased at any license dealer and cannot be obtained through the draw process. Application for Kaibab deer hunts no longer requires the additional $5 fee per person.

* Successful archery deer hunters must contact the Game and Fish Department. All archery deer hunters must contact a Game and Fish Department office in person or by telephone at (866) 903-DEER (903-3337) within 10 days of taking a deer unless the deer has been checked through a mandatory hunter checking station.

* You can now buy a bonus point: If you will be unable to hunt this season but wish to keep up-to-date with your bonus point accumulation without risking being drawn and losing your bonus points, you may now buy a bonus point for each bonus point species. There are special hunt numbers for which you can apply that have no hunt permit-tags associated with them.

* Some tag fees will increase on Jan. 1, 2005: Fees for archery deer, archery turkey, fall bear and mountain lion nonpermit tags (increase for nonresidents, decrease for resident mountain lion tags) and spring javelina, spring turkey, spring bear, and spring buffalo hunt permit-tags will increase effective Jan. 1, 2005.

* There are changes to the mountain lion regulations: Hunters may not take spotted kittens or female mountain lions accompanied by spotted kittens. Successful mountain lion hunters are required to provide a tooth from the harvested mountain lion to the Game and Fish Department.

* The Mearns' quail bag and possession limit have changed: The Mearns' quail bag limit is reduced to eight this year.

The Game and Fish Department is also reminding hunters the supplemental hunter pool is purged annually on April 10. Interested hunters must reapply to be eligible for future population management hunts.