Hunters Asked To Return Harvest Report Cards

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Harvest survey report cards are being mailed from the Department of Game, Fish and Parks, and hunters who receive one need to complete and return it, whether or not they hunted or were successful or unsuccessful.

Game Harvest Survey Coordinator Corey Huxoll says a sample of hunters receives these cards asking them to report details of their hunt to the Department of Game, Fish and Parks. The cards include questions regarding hunting success, number of animals taken, animal species and sex, how long they hunted and their general hunting satisfaction.

"Harvest information measures the magnitude of hunting on our state game populations," Huxoll noted, "and provides biologists and conservation officers valuable information about whether the number of animals taken matches management objectives."

A statistical procedure is used to randomly select a limited number of hunters to receive a survey card. The survey is based on achieving a high percentage of returned surveys, and if the first survey is not returned or is not returned quickly, the hunter will get a second or even third survey card.

"Returning the first survey card helps to eliminate the costs of sending additional cards," Huxoll said. "Sportsmen and women should complete the card and mail it as soon as possible after they finish hunting or even if they did not go hunting. It does not matter whether or not you were successful. Do it while the details are fresh in your memory. This will help us limit the number of mailings, and can be your way of taking an active part in managing South Dakota's game species."