Hunters Anticipating Upcoming Black Powder Season

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The brilliant fall colors and the cool winds of late October means there is one thing on the minds of most Oklahoma hunters - muzzleloader deer season.

Hunting with a muzzleloading firearm is a great opportunity for Oklahoma hunters to harvest a deer and it is a great time to be out in the woods as well, at least according to Mike Shaw, wildlife research supervisor for the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.

“Although we just about got rained out last year, generally speaking, the weather is pretty nice during muzzleloader season,” Shaw said. “It’s just a great time to get outdoors and the deer are becoming more active as the temperatures cool down.”

The statewide muzzleloader season runs Oct. 25-Nov. 2, offering nine days of traditional-style hunting that harkens back to the early days of Oklahoma's hunting heritage.

According to Shaw, hunters may want to concentrate their efforts around deer feeding areas such as acorns and other natural foods.

Over 113,000 hunters participated in the muzzleloader season last year. These hunters contributed significantly to the $909 million economic impact produced by all of Oklahoma's nearly 300,000 hunters according to a recent survey by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

For specific information regarding licenses, bag limits, blaze orange clothing requirements or legal firearms, consult the "2003 Oklahoma Hunting Guide" or log onto