Hunters, Anglers Must Stop at Fish and Game Check Stations in Idaho

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With the opening of the general deer season, Idaho Fish and Game enforcement officers will be setting up check stations across the state at major access points to hunting units with open seasons.

All hunters and anglers are required to stop at check stations, whether they have any game animals or fish in the vehicle or not. They must stop if going to their hunting or fishing spot or returning home from their hunting or fishing.

They must stop even if they were unsuccessful.

Some check stations are biological, some are enforcement, and some are both.
Biological check stations gather weight, length, species, sex, and the number of antler points if game animals.

Enforcement check stations look for compliance with fishing and hunting rules, including proper licenses and tags, validation of tags, evidence of sex, waste of game, size and bag limits.

Fish and Game law enforcement officials also ask that hunters report any poaching or suspicious activities they encounter or hear about while hunting. Most serious poaching cases are cracked and won only with the help of ordinary Idaho residents, hunters or others who report crimes.

Hunters with information about a wildlife crime may call the local sheriff's office, the nearest Fish and Game office or the Citizens Against Poaching hotline at 1-800-632-5999, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Callers may remain anonymous, and they may be eligible for a reward.


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  Personally I think the


Personally I think the state has gone way too far with this being a requirement whether coming or going to your hunting or fishing spot and whether or not you have harvested anything.  Seems like a policing state versus being hunter and angler friendly.  Note to self - do not hunt in Idaho nor ever live there.  If I were the general public living there providing my hunting and fishing dollars that pay these people's salaries I would be yelling alloud publically to get this stopped.



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Oregon used to do something

Oregon used to do something like this. I didnt make any sence to me because it's mandatory to report your hunts anyways. Back in the day it was mandatory to stop and if the cops at the check point saw you drive by then they would chase you down and bring you back and site you. Then they made it optional and I don't think very many would stop. I have seen a check point here for atleast 5 years or so. With todays technology and the internet they could just make it a mandatory check in over the net. But hey what do I know. Hopefully they can get some cooaperation and there are no problems.