'Hunter Orange' Theme of This Month's NSSF Facebook Photo Contest; 10 Winners, Top Prize $50

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October's theme in the National Shooting Sports Foundation's Facebook Photo Contest is "Post your favorite photo with at least one individual wearing hunter-orange clothing."

To post a photo, look for the Contests tab on NSSF's Facebook page at www.facebook.com/NSSFcomm.

NSSF launched the contest in celebration of its 50th Anniversary this year. The hunter-orange theme was selected to pay tribute to one of NSSF's early nationwide education efforts: to promote the use of hunter-orange clothing for certain types of hunting.

The top prize each month is a $50 gift card to Cabela's, plus a copy of NSSF's official anniversary history publication and commemorative coin. Nine other prize winners will receive the history publication and coin. The contest runs through the end of the year, with a new theme introduced each month.

Entrants may post photos during the first three weeks of each month, with the last week devoted to voting for the winners. To post a photo, an individual must first "Like" the NSSF Facebook page, which has more than 9,000 fans.

Individuals may post as many photos as they like each month and during the course of the contest. People who post photographs can vote for their own photos and may want to encourage others to vote for their photos by using social media tools, whether it's contacting their friends on Facebook or through postings on Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking sites.

Click on the Contests tab at www.facebook.com/NSSFcomm to read the full contest rules, which include eligibility and how to enter and vote.


Retired2hunt's picture

  Yes, this needed to be more


Yes, this needed to be more of a publicized event so more BGH users would be involved.  I voted on what I thought was the best blaze orange picture but i know we could have provided many many more great shots of our BGH family hunts for this contest.  Good luck to the submissions!


numbnutz's picture

Pretty cool stuff here. I

Pretty cool stuff here. I wish I would have seen this sooner. I would have submitted a pictur and try to win. It's a good message they're trying to send out here. safety while out hunting is very important and wearing hunter orange will help reduce the amount of hunting accidents or atleast shootings. Keep up the good work and be safe everyone.

Retired2hunt's picture

  Darn!!!  Deadline for


Darn!!!  Deadline for submitting a picture was on the 21st!  You can only vote for those pictures submitted now.  Too bad I found this so late as I had some GREAT pictures of hunter orange that was a part of my deer and elk hunts.  Maybe next time!  I suggest all who find it take a look at the pictures submitted as they do have some great ones there!