Hunter Education Program Says Hunt Like The Future Depends On It in North Carolina

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The Hunter Education Program of the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission is urging sportsmen to encourage others to hunt, while many hunting seasons are under way, with a slogan of “Hunt Like The Future Depends On It.”

“For the future of conservation, the next generation needs to hunt. It’s that important,” said Travis Casper, state acting hunter education coordinator. “We need to mentor youth and present a positive image of hunting to everyone.”

The Hunter Education Program teaches – and sportsmen practice – stewardship of natural resources. Sportsmen also provide the economic backbone for habitat conservation, wildlife research and resource protection.

“Call it nature or the environment, but hunters are an invaluable part of it,” Casper said. “If it weren’t for hunters, endangered species and nongame species wouldn’t fare as well. Hunters get the credit for the resurging populations of numerous species of game animals in North America.”

Tips for mentoring and youth involvement in the outdoors are provided by the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, with many conservation programs that foster learning, such as Becoming an Outdoors-Woman, youth hunts, disabled sportsmen and mobility-impaired hunting and fishing opportunities, and a fishing tackle loaner program. The Hunter Education program offers Youth Hunter Safety Skills Tournaments for students to compete and improve skills in team and individual competition, and the National Archery in the Schools Program, extended through physical education classes for grades 4-12 in public schools.

In North Carolina, all first-time hunting license buyers must complete a Hunter Education Course successfully, available for free across the state. Go to to consult the online version of the 2011-2012 N.C. Inland Fishing, Hunting and Trapping Regulations Digest or call 919-707-0031 for more information.


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It is absolutelu true that

It is absolutelu true that our kids and other youth are the future of our sport. All we read about is declining numbers so hopefully programs like this take off and egt more people involved. Of course it has never seemed like numbers are declining as I'm sure there are more people out every year where I 

Anyway we all need to do everything we can to help the sport grow and besides the enjoyment of taking a young hunter or fisherman along is great. My kids are grown now and even though tehy go with me ai enjoy taking the kids of co-workers into the outdoors and really look forward to when my grandson is old enough to get after it.

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  Well definitely a slogan


Well definitely a slogan that really tells the truth here.  If we don't do our best to introduce our youth and other new non-family individuals to hunting we will eventually have two or three possible situations occur.  (1) less money going towards wildlife resources thus having less wildlife and less hunting opportunities.  (2) the need for other revenue types - possibly new taxes - to keep the same program going.  (3) a fading sport and heritage that eventually is replaced by video games and other fake technology ideas to give a person a virtual hunt.  I'm certain there are other possibilities and most if not all lead to less hunting or more costs to hunt.  So the NC slogan rings strong for all  50 states.  Also - the onus cannot be only on the American hunter as the state DOW/DNR's also need to do what they can do to generate more successful hunters entering into the sport and staying in the sport.