Hunt for the Hungry: New Hampshire Food Bank Seeks Meat Donations from Hunters

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New Hampshire hunters can share their fall harvest with the needy through the “Hunt for the Hungry” program at the New Hampshire Food Bank.  Once again this fall, the food bank is collecting donations of whole or processed game animals for distribution to more than 400 food pantries, soup kitchens, homeless shelters and group homes statewide. 

Last year (2010), the Hunt for the Hungry program took in 2,194 pounds of donated deer, bear, moose and other game meat for distribution to the needy.

To donate game, and for packaging instructions, call the Food Bank at 603-669-9725, x240. If you’re donating a whole deer, you can bring it to Lemay & Sons Beef in Goffstown, N.H. (603-622-0022), and they will process it for the food bank at no charge. Please note that the N.H. Food Bank is not equipped to accept donations of wild game birds, such as wild turkey or grouse. 

“We are counting on continued strong support from hunters this year,” said Bruce Wilson, Director of Operations for the N.H. Food Bank.  “Donations of protein foods are always hard to come by. That’s a big need that the Hunt for the Hungry program helps fill. Venison is especially popular, a real treat for clients.”

“The Hunt for the Hungry program is a great way for hunters to share their harvest and help needy families get through the winter," said Glenn Normandeau, Executive Director of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department.  “Wild game is a local renewable resource that is high in protein, low in fat and all natural – not to mention delicious.”

For more information on donating to the New Hampshire Food Bank, visit

For information on hunting in New Hampshire or to purchase a hunting license, visit


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  Any wild meat program to


Any wild meat program to assist the hungry is definitely worth the effort.  I am a strong proponent of the group.  Kudos to New hampshire and all other states involved in providing extra meat to the hungry and less fortunate. 


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This is a great program. Most

This is a great program. Most states have programs like this that allow hunter to donate extra meat for the needy. I know on Oregon we can do the same. I have in the past donated some meat to the food bank. There are alot of hunter that harvest more than one animal a year and I'm sure they could spare a few pounds of meat. I know out here some of the food will go to homeless shelters and shelter for woman and children and some will go to needy families. It put a smile on my face any time I can help someone less forunate then me. If I shoot a deer in my late season I have already planned on donating half of the harvest to the Oregon food bank. This time of year with the holidays coming up and people struggling more than ever to make ends meet we can all help a little by donating a few pound of our harvest to these orinization.