HSAAP Announces Spring Turkey Hunts

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Holston Army Ammunition Plant (HSAAP) will host four turkey hunts during the statewide 2005 spring turkey season. The dates for these four hunts are: Saturday, March 26 (Youth hunt ages 13-16 only), Saturday, April 2; Sunday, April 3; and Saturday, April 9, 2005. Each hunt will begin thirty minutes before sunrise and end at noon. The quota for each hunt is 16 hunters. Three alternate hunters will be selected for each hunt to replace no-shows. The bag limit for each hunt will be one bearded turkey per hunter and any turkey harvested during one of the HSAAP hunts counts toward the statewide bag limit.

Eligible hunters must be at least 13 years of age (at the time of the hunt) and possess valid Tennessee hunting licenses and permits as required by state law. Minors (17 years and younger) must be accompanied by a non-hunting adult (21 years or older) on any hunt for which they are drawn and must show proof of completion of a hunter's safety course during check-in. Legal hunting equipment for HSAAP includes shotguns or muzzleloading shotguns, 20 gauge or larger, and ammunition loaded with No. 4 shot or smaller. Archery equipment or rifles are not permitted on HSAAP for turkey hunts. As an additional safety and security measure during these hunts, hunters will be required to wear a fluorescent orange vest while moving around in their hunting area but may remove the vest when they set up to work/call a turkey. Also, while moving around in their hunting area, hunters may not have a shell loaded in the chamber of their shotgun but may have shells loaded in the magazine. Hunters may chamber a round when set up to work/call a turkey. Hunters will be limited to bringing four shells with them for their hunt.

Hunters will be chosen by random drawing. Since two hunters will be placed in each hunt area, applicants are strongly encouraged to apply in a group of two so that, if drawn, they will not have to share an area with an unknown partner. Applicants may also apply individually but, if drawn, will be placed in a hunt area with another hunter who they do not know. Applicants may not apply in groups consisting of more than two people. When applying as a group, both applicants must request the same hunt dates. To apply, send an application and application fee to: Holston Army Ammunition Plant, Attn: Turkey Hunt, 4509 West Stone Drive, Kingsport, Tennessee 37660. An application will consist of a note (preferably on an index card) with the hunter's name, address, age, social security number, phone number, and a list of the hunt dates requested in order of preference. Applicants must include a $3 nonrefundable application fee per person with their application. The application fee must be paid with a Money Order or Cashiers Check made payable to: A DAO, Rock Island@. Personal checks or cash will not be accepted. Applicants who submit more than one application will be disqualified. Quotas may not be transferred to anyone else. If selected, hunters will be required to purchase an installation hunting permit for $20 at a later date.

All applications must be received at HSAAP by March 4, 2005. Successful applicants will be notified by mail by March 11, 2005 and will receive additional information about their hunt at that time. Unsuccessful applicants will not be notified by mail. Questions concerning the hunts should be directed to Bruce Cole, the HSAAP Natural Resources Manager, at 423-578-6276.

Holston Army Ammunition Plant 2005 Turkey Hunt Application