H.S. Strut Releases New Turkey Call

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The new Infinity Premium Flex(TM) diaphragm turkey calls from H.S. Strut® are the result of over two years of research and development. The calls feature their new Infinity(TM) latex, which requires less air pressure to run, making for more realistic sounds. Both the tape and latex used in the calls is moisture resistant, which increases the life of the call. No break-in period is required, so hunters can head to the woods with a new call and still sound great.

H.S. Strut has just completed their new state-of-the-art Premium Flex manufacturing process featuring proven H.S. Strut performance with over 134 years of combined experience in building diaphragm calls.

H.S. Strut diaphragm calls have been re-engineered for peak performance with fully defined specifications for each model featuring consistent thickness and precision stretch on the latex.

The total quality manufacturing process uses close tolerances and precision automated specifications to produce the best calls ever. Each call goes through multiple quality control steps with a final hand inspection before it leaves the factory.

"In diaphragm calls consistency is the key, and you will not find a more consistent call than the new Premium Flex calls with Infinity latex," said Hunter's Specialties Pro Staff member, Matt Morrett. "These calls have more durability, more life, and just plain sound more like a turkey. The building and material technology is unmatched in the turkey market."

For more information, log onto the Hunter's Specialties website at www.hunterspec.com.