How Much Did Your Deer Weigh?

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During this year's hunting seasons there are expected to be more than 150,000 deer harvested across the state, according to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA).

Since most of these deer will be field dressed before being checked out and weighed, many hunters are curious as to how much their deer would have weighed whole.

The following chart can be used to estimate the whole (live) weight of whitetail deer from dressed weight.

Dressed Weight           Whole Weight 

50 lbs.                               64 lbs. 
60 lbs.                               76 lbs. 
70 lbs.                               89 lbs. 
80 lbs.                             102 lbs 
90 lbs.                             114 lbs.
100 lbs.                           127 lbs.
110 lbs.                           140 lbs.
120 lbs.                           153 lbs.
130 lbs.                           165 lbs.
140 lbs.                           178 lbs.
150 lbs.                           191 lbs.
160 lbs.                           203 lbs.
170 lbs.                           216 lbs.
180 lbs.                           229 lbs.
190 lbs.                           242 lbs.
200 lbs.                           254 lbs.
210 lbs.                           266 lbs.
220 lbs.                           280 lbs.
230 lbs.                           292 lbs.
240 lbs.                           305 lbs.


hunter25's picture

This is a handy little chart

This is a handy little chart as I have almost never been able to do anything but guess at the weight of the deer I have killed before. I just purchased a scale and will use this to get a better idea as everything I hang and weigh will be dressed out as it's too much work to drag them out without doing so. I did get to put my whitetail on the scale in Texas this last year before it was dressed out and was surprised to see it come in at 205 pounds. I have taken deer far bigger but never really knew that they were so much heavier than I had guessed.

Thanks for the chart it will be fun and informative using it this next year.