Holston AAP Announces 2004 Deer Hunts

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Holston Army Ammunition Plant will accept applications for the following five white-tailed deer hunts during the 2004 season: Archery - October 2, hunter quota 70, 2 deer, either sex (1 buck only); Archery - October 3, hunter quota 70, 2 deer, either sex (1 buck only); Muzzleloader - November 6, hunter quota 100, 1 deer, antlerless only; Muzzleloader - November 7, hunter quota 60, 1 deer, either sex; Young Sportsman’s Hunt (Ages 13-16) - October 30, hunter quota 70, 1 deer, either sex.

Eligible hunters must be at least 13 years old on the day of their hunt and possess valid Tennessee hunting licenses and permits in order to hunt on the installation. All minors (17 years and younger) participating in any HAAP hunt must be accompanied by a nonhunting adult (21 years old or older) and must provide proof of completion of a hunter’s safety course during check-in. During the young sportsman’s hunt, juveniles may use either muzzleloaders or shotguns. Centerfire or rimfire rifles are not allowed on the installation and shotguns may not be used on the muzzleloader hunts. All deer harvested during the HAAP hunts count against the Tennessee state bag limits. With the exception of the young sportsman’s hunt on October 30, all bucks harvested during any hunt must have at least 8 legal antler points.

Applicants may apply individually or in a group of no more than three hunters. An individual may be included on only one application whether applying individually or in a group. Anyone submitting more than one application will be disqualified. When applying as a group, all applicants must apply for the same hunt dates. Disabled American Veterans (DAV) and Active Duty Military Personnel (AD) may apply using the same procedures above, but must provide some form of written documentation of their status with their application. When applying as a group, DAV or AD personnel should only apply with other individuals who have AD or DAV status or they will forfeit their status during the drawing. To receive DAV status, an applicant must provide written proof of at least a 30% service-related disability. National Guard and Reserve are not considered active duty personnel.

In order to apply, send a note with each hunter’s name, age, social security number, telephone number, and address with a list of the hunt dates requested in order of preference. Applicants should include a $3 application processing fee (nonrefundable) per person with the application. Only Money Orders or Cashier’s Checks will be accepted and should be made payable to: DAO, Rock Island. Applicants who submit personal checks or cash will be disqualified and forfeit their application fee. Applicants applying as a group may submit a single money order in the correct amount for the number of individuals in their group. The application and registration fee should be mailed to: Holston Army Ammunition Plant, Attn: Deer Hunt, 4509 West Stone Drive, Kingsport, Tennessee 37660-9982.

All applications must be received at Holston AAP by August 16, 2004. Hunters will be chosen by random drawing and there is not a priority point system in place for the general drawing. If selected, hunters will be required to purchase an installation hunting permit for $20 at a later date.

All successful applicants will be notified by mail by August 31, 2004 and will receive additional information about their hunt at that time. Unsuccessful applicants will not be notified by mail and applicants who have not received notification of success by August 31, 2004 should consider themselves unsuccessful in this year’s drawing. Questions concerning the hunts should be directed to Bruce Cole, HSAAP Natural Resources Specialist, at 423-578-6276.

Additional HSAAP antlerless hunts will be listed on the TWRA Special Season Hunt Application that will be available in mid-July.