High Water Forces Closure of Deer Season

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Torrential rains that caused flooding in northeast Arkansas have forced the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission to close deer season in that area.

An emergency proclamation was signed by AGFC director Hugh Durham today closing deer hunting for two zones and part of a third zone in the northeast part of the state. The three zones affected by the closure are deer zones 4 and 5 along with the portion of deer zone 9 north of Interstate 40. The area is closed immediately and will remain closed to deer hunting until further notice.

The closures were necessary since deer archery season is already underway and muzzleloader as well as modern gun season is scheduled to open soon, according to wildlife chief Donny Harris. 'Rivers in northeast Arkansas are well above flood stage and some are still rising. The flood conditions force wildlife like deer to be concentrated into small areas of high ground, where they are vulnerable,' Harris explained.

"We haven't seen water like this since 1982. A deer hunt right now under these conditions could really have an adverse impact on the deer resource in this area," he said.


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Interesting article as I was

Interesting article as I was unsure at first as to why they needed to close the season. But it makes sense that with all the flooding if you found one of the spots where the deer where taking refuge you could pretty much have an easy shoot. Then go tell your friends and pretty soon you could have a whole pile of them on the ground. Sounds like a wise move but sucks for then guys that were really out there still trying to hunt despitr the weather conditions. With all the flooding this year again we could possibly end up with some similar stuations.