Hawaii Spring Bearded Turkey Season Opens March 1st

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The Department of Land and Natural Resources announces the opening of the 2011 Spring Bearded Turkey Hunting Season on Hawaii Island beginning Tuesday, March 1, 2011. The spring season will run 31 consecutive days through Thursday, March 31, 2011. The spring season will be for bearded turkeys only.

Tags are required and may be obtained without charge from any Hawaii Island Division of Forestry & Wildlife office and a number of commercial vendors. Hunters must present current State of Hawaii Hunting License when obtaining tags. Turkey tags are also required on private land.

For further information, see the DOFAW website at http://hawaii.gov/dlnr/dofaw or contact Division of Forestry & Wildlife offices at the following phone numbers: Hilo: (808) 974-4221; Kamuela: (808) 887- 6063 or the main office at (808) 587-0166.


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Although I have been looking

Although I have been looking at some hunts in Hawaii lately I completely forgot that they had turkey's also. Does anyone know what type it is they have running around over there? I know it has to be one of the regular ones and not something diferent or we would hear more about them from some turkey fanatic.

If I ever do make it over there to hunt I'm pretty sure the turkey's are not what I will be chasing.

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Rio Grande.......

Rio Grande.......

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Funny, I actually found a

Funny, I actually found a state that has an realier season than California. 

Any Hawaii guys getting ready to chase the gobblers tomorrow?  We have just under 4 weeks till ours.

Good luck to all!