Happy Holidays Everyone

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The following story is from Seth Fairman of Papillion, NE via the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission’s Facebook Page: 
Good Samaritan at Two Rivers:
I had the good fortune of arrowing a nice sized doe Sunday afternoon out at Two Rivers. After a nice “short” drag. I got to my car to catch my breath when a fellow hunter came out of the woods. I discovered that he had seen a few deer also. Anyway, long story short, when he noticed I was going to try and stuff my doe into the trunk of a Chevy Impala, he promptly called his wife and said he was going to be late and offered to haul my deer in the bed of his truck to my house.

Now I dont know this guy from Adam. I offered up some summer sausage and jerky for his effort and exchanged names…which I have now forgotten. What I remember is he is from Texas and has been stationed at Offutt for about a year and 1/2 and his daughter likes deer chili.

My hats off to ya buddy. Gettin toward the holiday season….with the state of our world these days, I begin to lose faith and trust in my fellow man…well you have gone a long way to restoring my faith. Thank you to the Navy Chief from Texas..with the pick-up truck. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone.

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