Grizzly Killed 30 Miles South of Documented Range

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The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is currently investigating the death of a grizzly bear that was killed on Sunday, Aug. 11. The interesting part of this case is that it was killed in the Greys River drainage some 30 miles south of the current documented grizzly bear occupied habitat.

Grizzly bears have been expanding their range southward in recent years, but this is the farthest south the species has been documented for over 50 years.

"The Wyoming Range has good bear habitat and there will likely be more grizzly bears moving into this country in the future," said G&F Trophy Game Biologist Ron Grogan.

"While both black and grizzly bears can be dangerous, we should take this opportunity to remind recreationists to keep a clean camp and carry pepper spray as a form of protection in a bear encounter," he added. "This is especially important with hunting seasons approaching when there will be a lot of people heading into bear habitat."