Governor Invites Hunters to Donate Venison

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Hunters will again have an opportunity to provide thousands of pounds of free ground venison to the needy in Alabama. "Hunters Helping the Hungry" is a joint project between the Office of the Governor, the National Rifle Association, The Phillip Morris Company, The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, and the Alabama Conservation and Natural Resources Foundation.

Governor Don Siegelman hosted the first annual Governor's Hunt for Hunger in 1999, a benefit quail hunt at Rockfence Station in Chambers County. This hunt raised enough money to pay for the processing of approximately 30,000 pounds of ground venison. Thousands of pounds of highly nutritious meat were donated to Alabama Food Banks throughout the state. The food banks then distributed the ground venison to help feed many of the less fortunate citizens of the state.

Governor Siegelman is quoted as saying, "The upcoming hunting season will again provide an outstanding opportunity for the deer hunters of Alabama, who number over 210,000, to donate excess deer to help feed the hungry. We are fortunate to have the abundant deer population that allows Alabama hunters to stock their own freezers and share their game with the needy."

The names and locations of participating venison processors may be obtained from this website or hunters can call their local Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries District Office or the Montgomery office at (334) 242-3467 for this information.

Commissioner Riley Boykin Smith states, "Donating food to the needy people of Alabama is just one of the many ways hunters help this state. We hope to expand the program and continue to do this every deer hunting season. The success really depends on the generosity of Alabama hunters. We appreciate the efforts of Governor Siegelman, the NRA, and the Phillip Morris Company in making this project possible".


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It's great to see when even

It's great to see when even the governor of a state steps up to support these feed the hungry programs with venison donated by hunters. I don't know of any such programs at all in my home state of Colorado but I know that in my area a lot of guys would step up to help out. I think there are too man antis here to get support though. Until then I will continue to share with friends and family myself and give ideas for other guys Ii know to help people out. We have a couple of families at church that are more than willing to accept even a whole animal and cut it up themselves.

Most people won't take that much but there is always an outlet for your game meat if you feel you have too much so please don't let it go to waste as I'm sure there is someone out there that could use it.