Girl Wins Hunting Trip of a Lifetime

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Those little white cards that are constantly falling out of magazines can sure be a pain, but for one young lady from Iona they were her ticket to the hunting trip of a lifetime! Every year 700,000 copies of the Hunter's Handbook, the official publication of the International Hunter Education Association (IHEA) are distributed across the nation.

Each magazine contains a contest entry card that many students ignore, but Melissa Asher of Iona completed her card and sent it in. Last April, she was called and notified that she was one of four lucky young people that had been drawn for an all-expenses paid hunt of a lifetime at the famous JB Hunt Bighorn Lodge and Outback Ranch in southwestern Missouri.

In addition to the twelve-year old Melissa winning a free trip, her Dad will also be taking part in the adventure. Melissa and the other young people will be taking part in a hunt that will be filmed as part of a ½ hour-television special that will air on the Outdoor Life Network (OLN). The show will be co-hosted by retired astronaut General Joe Engle. The private ranch is located on 3,000 acres and offers a wide variety of animals from turkeys to Sitka deer.

Melissa and her father left Idaho Falls on Friday, November 5th. All the costs of airfare, food, lodging and equipment are being provided! While Melissa is taking part in a deer hunt, her father will be taking part in a free pheasant hunt! Melissa will also be receiving a 3 x 9 rifle scope from Tasco as part of her winnings.

While all hunter education students receive the Hunter's Handbook magazine, Melissa owes a special debt to her instructor Jim Greenhalgh. According to Melissa, "Jim said that we all needed to take the time to fill out the card and mail it in. He said you never know what you'll win!" Her veteran volunteer instructor was right and now when he tells students to fill out the card, he backs it up with Melissa's story. "Boy, do they fill those cards out now!" said Greenhalgh.