Gifting Wild Game Or Fish Requirements

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South Dakotans have a long tradition of making a gift of their harvested game or fish, which is a perfectly acceptable practice if done within certain boundaries.

"One requirement is that game and fish be delivered to the person receiving the gift," said Game, Fish and Parks Regional Law Specialist Bruce Nachtigall of Rapid City. "Persons who are unlicensed can receive a gift of game or fish, but are not permitted to transport them without a transportation and shipping permit issued free of cost by a department representative. It is also important to remember that game birds must have sufficient plumage while they are being transported."

Nachtigall said a second requirement is that the gifted game or fish does not place the recipient over their legal possession limit. "As licensed persons cannot legally possess game or fish that will put them over the legal daily or possession limits, unlicensed recipients cannot legally receive a gift of game and/or fish that would put them in violation of possession limits," he said.

People must also remember it is illegal to sell, trade, or barter wild game and fish for monetary gain. The only legal method to exchange wild game or fish fillets is by gifting it.

Lastly, hunters and anglers should know that giving a gift of game or fish taken that day does not allow them to return to the field or water that same day to take another daily limit. Only one limit is permitted each day, regardless of what is done with the birds or fish.