GFD Asks for Hunter Participation in Survey

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North Dakota hunters receiving a questionnaire are encouraged to complete the survey and return it to the State Game and Fish Department, reports Jerry Gulke, data processing coordinator for the department.

Small game and waterfowl questionnaires have been mailed to randomly selected North Dakota hunters. Hunters can return the form, or fill it out online at the web address printed on the survey form.

"The survey is used to estimate the number of hunters, amount of hunting activity, and the size of the harvest for a variety of small game and waterfowl species," Gulke said.

It is important hunters complete and promptly return the survey, Gulke said, even if they did not hunt. "The more surveys we have returned, the better our estimates become, which translates into better management," he added.

A follow-up survey will be mailed to those not responding to the first survey.