Get a Jump on Deer Season with Outdoor Alabama Live!

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With bow season underway and gun season just around the corner, now is the perfect time to talk about white-tail deer biology and management, which is the next topic on Outdoor Alabama Live, a live webcast series hosted by the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (ADCNR). The show will air Tuesday, November 8, at 6:30 p.m. CDT. To watch this hour-long interactive presentation visit the show website,, at the time of the webcast.

During the November 8 webcast, WFF biologists Bill Gray and Chris Cook will provide information about the most popular game animal in the state including reproductive studies, harvest and data collection strategies, deer biology, where to hunt and food plot basics. Viewer questions will also be answered. Due to time constraints not all questions will be answered on-air.

To have your deer-related question answered on the show email it to or text it to (205) 259-6941. You may also submit your question directly through the Outdoor Alabama Live website. Questions can be submitted anytime prior to and during the webcast. When submitting a question please include your name and where you live.

Can’t watch during the show? No problem, all episodes of Outdoor Alabama Live will be archived on the webcast page and the ADCNR YouTube channel within a few days of the initial airtime.

From prized game animal to rose-eating urban nuisance, white-tailed deer are some of the most recognized wildlife in Alabama. In the early 1900s, only about 2,000 deer existed in the state.  After decades of restocking and management efforts, Alabama’s deer population grew to an estimated 1.75 million animals in 2000. These highly adaptable animals can thrive in various types of habitat. For this reason, they are found in virtually every part of the state.

The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources promotes wise stewardship, management and enjoyment of Alabama’s natural resources through five divisions:  Marine Police, Marine Resources, State Lands, State Parks, and Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries.  To learn more about ADCNR, visit .

 Photo by Micheal Heston.


Retired2hunt's picture

  A great way of continued


A great way of continued communciation between the Alabama DCNR and the hunters of the state.  I like the ability of having live question and answer period within the show.  I would think the air date should have been a little earlier in October as that would allow for the questions to be answered before the bow season started.

All states should recognize this unique measure of communication.  Colorado does a great job of holding hunting and outdoor related meeting in various geographic locations so this same communication can be done in person.  However, the TV show allows for more viewers of the subject matter all at once.

Great job Alabama for thinking of a different communication avenue and the ability to follow up on the show within your web site.


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This is pretty cool. I

This is pretty cool. I haven't heard of a state doing anything like this. A online public forum for people to tune in and get questions answered and learn something. It would be kind of nice to see other states do something similair. I think in this day and age of technology it is practicle for DOW dept in all states to do something like this. I know I would log in to attend a webinar or two. It would be nice to be able to talk to a biologist in real time instead of making phone calls never to hear from them or write out emails that don't get replys. I think this is a great idea. I'll be curious to see how this will all play out.