Georgia Archery Camps - Spaces Still Available

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Designed with everything outdoors in mind, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources Division's summer archery camps aim to educate and engage adventurous youth. Registration is now open for several camps, some beginning as early as this month!

"Archery camp is going to be a great experience for campers with lots of fun-filled outdoor adventures," says Jen Pittman, shooting sports program manager with the Wildlife Resources Division. "“This is a great opportunity to develop archery skills and to expose children to the exciting outdoor opportunities around them."

Campers should expect constant activity, including target practice, fishing, outdoor exploration, wildlife identification and hunter safety presentations. Archery camps are intended for youth ages 9-14. To register, an archery camp registration packet must be completed and turned in along with payment to the Wildlife Resources Division.

For more information on summer archery camps, visit, select "Education," "Shooting Sports" and "Archery Summer Day Camp."


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I have read of several

I have read of several different programs from Georgia now aimed at getting more people involved in the outdoors. These youth programs are especially beneficial as without the next generation to continue on for us we have a very bleak outlook for the future. Adding an archery camp to the other programs already in place is an even better step. I hope to see these programs continue with great success and hopefully many other states will pick up the same ideas as I would love to get my grandson enrolled in some of these programs as well.

Thank you to Georgia and similar states for leading the way.