Friday, June 3rd - Deadline for Vermont Moose Applications

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This Friday, June 3, is the deadline for hunters to submit their Vermont moose hunting permit applications. The applications are available online and printed applications are at Vermont license agents statewide.

Lottery applications are $10 for residents and $25 for nonresidents. Winners of the permit lottery will purchase resident hunting permits for $100 and nonresident hunting permits for $350.

The department has proposed 405 moose hunting permits for the regular October 15-20 moose season, and an additional 50 permits for an archery moose season October 1-7. Separate lotteries are held for each season, and a hunter may apply for either or both lotteries on the same application.


groovy mike's picture

Did anybody here get a Vermont permit this year?

Did anybody here get a Vermont permit this year?  I couldn’t put in for Vermont this year so I know I didn’t draw a moose tag this year L Maine and New Hampshire results are already out.  Sigh – maybe I should just plan a guided over the counter hunt in Quebec or Alaska or New Foundland….but they are SO expensive…..

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One of these years I will put

One of these years I will put in for a tag there.  We have a family friend that has been drawn twice as a non-resident for moose. He got an 856 pounder the first time.  It's still one of the better deals out there.

We will be taking a trip back to Vermont in a month, and my 5 year old son wants to see a moose.  We have some spots we'll drive looking for them, but not sure how it will be.