Free Youth Deer Hunt Registration Underway for Humphreys, Trousdale Events, Tennessee

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Youth between the ages of 10-15, who are hunter safety certified and who have never harvested a deer, are eligible to win a special hunt for the opening day of the Tennessee Young Sportsman Deer Hunt on Saturday, Oct. 29, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency has announced.

A total of 42 young hunters will be selected to participate in one event to be held in Humphreys County and another in Trousdale County near the Smith County line.
The Humphreys County hunt will have 30 youngsters to be selected for participation as a gracious landowner has again donated his property for this hunt for 30 young hunters. The private farm incorporates a variety of wildlife management practices and totals more than 2,000 acres of prime deer habitat. In addition to the hunt, participants are allowed to take part in a Friday night cookout and campout (participants must provide their own camping gear).
In addition to the Humphreys County hunt, 12 additional lucky hunters will have the opportunity to hunt in some prime deer habitat in the Trousdale County hunt.
Both locations will have a Friday night cookout and campout (participants must provide their own camping gear). Breakfast and lunch will also be provided on Saturday.
TWRA will hold a drawing and the winners will be notified by Oct. 15. Confirmation packets will be sent to the successful participants that will include directions and a list of items to bring along with area hotels. Winning hunters are responsible for providing the appropriate Tennessee hunting license and must be accompanied by a non-hunting adult at least 21 years of age or older.
Interested hunters may complete an application and mail it to the following address: Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, Youth Deer Hunt Giveaway, P.O. Box 40747, Nashville, TN 37204. Applications can also be faxed to (615) 781-6543. All applications must be received by Oct. 12. For more information or to receive an application, contact Donald Hosse, TWRA Wildlife Education Program Coordinator at  or (615) 781-6541. Applications are also available by clicking here.


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Seems like a very good deal

Seems like a very good deal to get some kids out in the woods and not have to worry abnout the money just in case they do not like it.  I only wish I lived in or closer to TN.  I have some family down that way so I may just have to forward them this just in case they have not seen or heard about it.

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Hey TnDeerHunter, you live

Hey TnDeerHunter, you live anywhere close to this?  Seems like an awesome opportunity to get the young ones out there and get their first deer. As Numb said, it's great when states give hunters the chance to get the youth out there.  They are our future.  Too many are interested in video games, and all the electronic gizmos, that they forget there is a whole other world out there.

Kudos to Tennessee!

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This seems like a pretty good

This seems like a pretty good program. I say states need to do whatever they can to get kids out there hunting. Oregon has done a great job in the past few years with thier youth hunting programs. We as adult hunters complained about the avaliblity of youth hunts and the ODFW actually listened. they added several youth hunts and made the date from sept 1 till march in most areas. Also they started the Mentored youth program where kids from 9-13 can hunt without hunter safety certifcate but they have to watched by an adult and also use the adults tag. Out here you must be 12 to hunt and hold your own tag so this program allows kids a chance to try it out before they turn 12. they can also start building points at the age of 9. Theres also a first time youth hunt which garentees the youth a tag for each animal and they can use it all in one year or spread it out  over 3 years. Then there us, we gotta get our kids out there. I appluad Tennessee for this chance for kids to win this hunt.