Franchi I-12 Available in MAX-4 HD

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The Franchi I-12 represents a new line of Franchi auto-loaders by incorporating a free-floating bolt with the Inertia Driven® System. The I-12 is well-balanced and features a narrow-profile fore-end and buttstock. This Franchi shotgun will handle anything from 1-1/8-ounce target loads to the heaviest 3" magnums.

The I-12 series from Franchi has a shotgun model for nearly any kind of hunting. The I-12 in MAX-4 HD® is an ideal choice as a waterfowl gun. For an all-purpose hunting or turkey gun, select the I-12 in APG HD®.

Every I-12 Franchi shotgun is powered by the Inertia Driven System. That means no bulky gas cylinders, valves, pistons, or hardware. Without that extra baggage, the I-12 has a slender, low-profile fore-end that fits the shooter’s hand for comfortable handling.

The I-12’s specially-designed recoil pad incorporates a two-part system called the Twin Shock Absorber™ (TSA). During firing, the TSA recoil pad initially holds its shape, and then deeply compresses with the recoil, soaking up the kick and spreading recoil energy over a wider area of the shooter’s shoulder. The Franchi 1-12 shotgun with the TSA recoil pad has up to 44-percent less recoil than the competition.

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