Forest Service Lifts Many Motorized Restrictions in Schultz Burn Area, Arizona

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Hunters and other outdoor recreationists are advised that beginning Sept. 23, the Coconino National Forest is implementing changes to the Schultz Burn closure west of Highway 89.

According to a news release from the Coconino National Forest, most Forest Service roads in the closure area will be reopened to motorized and non-motorized use. Roads are not currently maintained for passenger vehicles; Forest managers recommend the use of high-clearance vehicles only. Off-road motorized travel will continue to be prohibited in order to protect soil and vegetation resources.

Though the Forest Service continues to work diligently to reduce hazards and create safer conditions for the public, some hazards still exist within the burn area. Each visitor is responsible for his own safety. Forest users are urged to make safety their top priority while in the area. Always look up, look down, and look around.

According to the news release, Waterline Road (FR 146) will remain closed due to reconstruction efforts related to the City of Flagstaff water pipeline. Deer Hill Trail and Little Bear Trail remain closed as they were severely damaged by flooding. Little Elden Horse Camp and Lockett Meadow Campground will be closed for the fall and winter seasons. Lockett Meadow Road (FR 552) is open to non-motorized use only due to ongoing reconstruction efforts; the meadow can be accessed for day use if visitors choose to hike, bike, or ride their horses up the road. Hikers/riders should be cautious of crews and equipment, as road construction is scheduled to occur throughout the fall. Once construction along this road is complete, it too will be open to motorized vehicles.

As the Forest Service moves forward with flood mitigation and forest rehabilitation efforts, circumstances may warrant the temporary re-closure of certain areas. Forest managers will strive to keep any such closures as localized and short-term as possible.

Additional information, including maps, Forest Orders and current closures, can be obtained from the Coconino National Forest’s website at or by contacting the Flagstaff Ranger District at (928) 526-0866. To see the Coconino National Forest’s news release, visit


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Hopefullythese hunters that

Hopefullythese hunters that are to use this area are very aware of the damge that they can do to the ground in such a critical state.  The forest floor being burned and then having all that water dumped on it is very fragile.  I would hate to see them get off the main roads and decide to make their own...those track will be around for years to come and will be highly visable from the air.  If they stick to the roads that are open we should not have a problem but we all know that some hunters really just do not care about the enviroment as most of do.  I commend them for opening up so roads but hopefullythe state will keep and eye on them and crack down on the people that abuse the privledge.