Florida Hunters Reminded to Know Muzzleloader Regulations

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The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) wants to make it clear to all muzzleloader hunters – not all muzzleloaders are created equal. Some of the new models do not meet the legal definition of guns authorized for use during muzzleloading gun season.

The two issues which seem to be generating the most questions are whether muzzleloaders with an electronic ignition are legal and whether the use of nitro-cellulose powder is legal. Neither is legal for use in Florida during muzzleloading gun season.

"In particular, the CVA Electra is a new muzzleloader on the market that doesn't qualify as a state-defined muzzleloader," said Capt. John Miller of FWC's Division of Law Enforcement. "It is not a legal weapon for muzzleloader season because it uses an electronic ignition, fired by a battery."

The legal types of guns for use during the muzzleloading gun season use black powder or a non-nitro-cellulose substitute and are fired by wheel lock, flintlock or percussion cap ignition (including shotgun or 209 type primers). They are not adaptable to use of any self-contained cartridge ammunition.

The CVA Electra muzzleloader is legal to use during general gun season, however.

For more information on muzzleloader hunting, visit MyFWC.com/hunting .