Florida FWC Offers Alligator Hunting Classes

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The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is offering alligator hunters no-cost, three-hour classes to help them prepare for the Aug. 15 – Nov. 1 statewide alligator harvest. Reservations are not required to attend a class.

This is an opportunity for hunters who have never participated in the state's alligator hunts to learn what hunting alligators is all about. Attendance is not mandatory for licensed hunters, but the FWC recommends participants attend, especially if they have never gator-hunted. Class topics include preparing for the hunt, hunting techniques and safety, harvesting and processing, caring for your alligator hide and alligator rules and regulations.

Classes will be offered at the following locations:

All hunt permits have been sold for this year; however, an alligator trapping agent permit is available at the cost of $52. This enables the agent to assist a licensed trapper in taking alligators, but only in the presence of that trapper.

Permitted alligator hunters can expect to receive their licenses and hide-validation tags by July 13.

Since 1988, the FWC has offered alligator hunts, which provide a thrilling, hands-on hunting adventure unlike any other hunting experience imaginable. For more information on these exciting alligator hunts, visit MyFWC.com/gators and click on "Statewide Hunts."