Florida FWC Commission Has New Asst. Executive Director

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The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) has a new assistant executive director. Nick Wiley took over the post July 1st, replacing Vic Heller, who retired.

Wiley, 46, is the former head of the agency's Division of Hunting and Game Management. He earned his bachelor's degree in biology from Georgia Southern University in 1983 and his master's in wildlife management from Auburn University in 1986. He joined the state's former wildlife conservation agency in 1988 as a biologist, and from 1990-94 worked as assistant leader in its Alligator Management Section.

He led the agency's Small Game Management Section from 1994 to 1997 before he took over as head of the agency's Bureau of Wildlife Management and worked his way up to division director in 2004.

"This is more than a promotion to me," Wiley said. "It's an honor to know this agency has the confidence in me to elevate me to this level. I'm going to work hard to prove myself worthy of that confidence."

Wiley and his wife, Evelyn, and their two children, Duncan Ernest and Brooks Lee, live in Tallahassee.