Five Year Hunting License Bonus Package

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Hunting equipment and supply companies, eager to bring their products to the attention of Florida's sportsmen, are offering free samples, subscriptions, premiums, magazines and coupons to everyone who buys a five-year hunting license or lifetime hunting license between Aug. 1 and Oct. 31.

Kent Whittington, a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) marketing manager, is organizing the program and has patterned it after last year's highly successful promotion. He said anyone who spends the $56.50 to buy a five-year hunting license, or buys one of the other long-term hunting licenses during the promotional period, will receive a package of product samples and coupons valued at more than the cost of the license.

"Although they'll save up to $6 in fees and avoid possible future price increases, the real value is in the bonus package," Whittington said. "We have succeeded in securing quality product samples that hunters can use."

The free bonus package includes a Simmons monocular, Birchwood Casey Shoot-n-C targets and gun cloth, CamoFace camouflage face paint, Backwater Bayou beef jerky, BuckStop cover scent and unscented sportsman soap, a Woods 'N Water six-month trial subscription, Everglades Seasoning and other samples and coupons.

ive-year and lifetime licenses are waterproof, credit-card-type cards, designed to hold up to rugged outdoor use. The offer also extends to lifetime sportsman's licenses.

One trip to the tax collector's office and they'll be all set to go hunting for five years," Whittington said. "They'll even receive a renewal notice from the FWC when their license is about to expire."

Long-term license revenues are especially important to fish and wildlife conservation efforts in Florida, because they ensure a stable funding base for research and management of the state's living resources.