Fishing Regulations Relaxed at Virgin Lake, Iowa Ahead of Renovation

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The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is relaxing the fishing regulations at Virgin Lake, in Palo Alto County, to allow anglers to harvest fish before the lake is drained as part of a renovation project.
Until further notice, anglers with a valid fishing license may take fish by any means except dynamite, poison, electroshocking devices, or any stupefying substances. In addition, daily bag and minimum length restrictions are lifted. Taking fish for commercial purposes is not allowed. 

The DNR has started drawing down water at the 220-acre lake according to the renovation plan. The drawdown replicates the actions of a natural drought period by stimulating plant growth, eliminating common carp and compacting bottom sediments.
After the drawdown, the lake will be refilled and stocked with sport fish. The project will provide healthier fish and wildlife habitat, but the overall goal is clean water.
The promiscuous fishing designation allows anglers to salvage and utilize imperiled fish populations. 
For more information, contact the Spirit Lake Fish Hatchery in Spirit Lake at 712-336-1840.