First Youth Turkey Hunt in Wisconsin

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2007 marks the first year Wisconsin youth will be able to participate in an annual youth spring turkey hunt. The hunt is designated to give youth hunters, ages 12 through 15 that have successfully completed a hunter education program, an opportunity to hunt turkeys and gain valuable hunting experiences.

The new special youth hunt is for both residents and nonresidents who have a spring turkey hunting license and carcass tag. Youth hunters will be allowed to hunt on Saturday and Sunday April 7 and 8, regardless of what time period their permit is issued for. They may only hunt in the Turkey Management Zone for which their permit was issued, and may only harvest one turkey total, during this two-day youth hunt. If they have more than one tag, it does not matter which tag they use, as long as it is for the zone in which they will be hunting. If the participants do not fill their tags, or have extra tags purchased over-the-counter, they may still use any remaining tags not filled during the special youth hunt during the time period and in the zone for which the tags were issued.

Turkey regulations correction

Hunters should note that the spring turkey regulations incorrectly state the bag limit during the youth hunt is one turkey per permit. The law that creates this season states only one male or bearded turkey total may be harvested during the two-day youth hunt. Hunters should note this important change when accompanying a youth hunter during April 7 and 8.

A full set of regulations for the youth hunt will be available in the 2007 Spring Turkey Hunting Regulations. More information can be found on the DNR Web site.