Firearm Hunting News

First Rifle Season Mostly Successful
Hunters across most of Colorado seemed to have good or above-average success during the first rifle elk season, with a few exceptions. Those that ventured off the beaten path seemed to be the most successful, and there are plenty of bulls out there, as hunters are taking larger, more mature animals that had an extra year to grow because of the low harvest last year.
How Often Should Firearms Be Cleaned?
Have you ever wondered when or how often you should clean your gun? If so, the South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks (GFP) has put together an article on proper gun maintenance. They discuss when and how muzzleloaders, shot-guns, and center fire rifles should be cleaned. The GFP also discusses the tools and materials you will need to clean your firearms properly with a minimal cost.
Preliminary Firearm Deer Hunting Season Figures
Preliminary figures indicate 39,398 deer were taken during the 2001 regular firearm season, a hunter success rate of about 54 percent, according to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.
November Firearms Deer Harvest Tops 205,000
Missouri hunters enjoyed nearly perfect weather for the second year in a row and posted a record harvest of 205,867 deer during the November firearms deer hunt. Conservation Department officials said last year that a repeat of the record 2000 deer harvest - 201,165 - was as unlikely as a repetition of the nearly flawless weather, but this year's conditions were even better than last year's.
Firearms Deer Harvest Third Highest on Record
Despite the unusually warm weather that dominated this year's deer season, the 2001 firearms deer harvest was the third highest on record, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Hunters harvested 200,100 deer statewide, an increase of 8,500 deer (4 percent) compared with the very successful 2000 season. This year's firearms deer harvest total is exceeded only by harvests in 1991 when 206,275 deer were taken and 1992 when 229,236 deer were taken during the firearms season.
Preliminary Shotgun Deer Season Figures
Licensed deer hunters participating in the 2001 shotgun season brought 6014 whitetails to statewide check stations according to figures compiled by MassWildlife's regional District offices. Sportsmen and women are required to bring deer to an official check station to legally report the kill. Biologists examine roughly one half of the deer taken during shotgun season and record data including weight, sex, age and antler beam diameter. The information is entered into a database and provides insight on the condition, sex ratio and age structure of the herd as well as the quality of habitat. Check station operators tag each deer with a metal seal. Successful hunters may then have the deer processed for venison and/or mounted by a taxidermist.
Firearm Deer Season Harvest
The Michigan Department of Natural Resources today announced its preliminary estimates of the 2001 Michigan firearm deer season harvest. The DNR estimate shows there were 283,000 deer taken, of which 167,000 were antlered and 116,000 were antlerless. This estimate is 16 percent below the previous five-year average. The state's record harvest occurred in 1998 when 351,475 deer (187,632 antlered, 163,843 antlerless) were taken.
Deer Firearms Season to Open Soon
Maryland's 2001-2002 Deer Firearms Season opens Nov. 24 for white-tailed deer and sika deer. Over 69,400 hunters participated in last year?s firearms deer season, and each spent an average of 5.5 days hunting white-tailed deer and sika deer.
Primitive Deer Harvest Likely Down; Gun Outlook Better
Deer hunting across the state has been slow and biologists are reporting that although some hunters have had good success, they anticipate the rut is still ahead.
Deer Gun Season Questions and Answers
The 2001 deer gun season opens at noon Nov. 9. The North Dakota Game and Fish Department issued a record number of licenses, 106,350, for this fall's season, an increase of 18,000 from last year. Game and fish issued 5,150 mule deer licenses, an increase of 1,500 from 2000. Muzzle-loader permits increased from 1,694 to 2,024. The regular deer gun season runs through Nov. 25.