Firearm Hunting News

CCW Permit Changes Prompt Questions
A change in federal law that allows firearms in many national parks does not include state parks and forests or other state recreational areas, including game lands.
Ohio Considers Legislation to Restore Gun Ownership Rights
Buckeye Firearms Association (BFA) has announced that a bill to restore gun ownership rights has been introduced in the Ohio Senate.
Nebraska Big Game Draw Apps Available April 19th
Nebraska residents may begin applying for 2010 big game draw unit hunting permits on April 19, according to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.
South Dakota Proposes Changes to Elk Seasons
The South Dakota Game Fish and Parks Commission has proposed changes for the 2010 Archery, Firearm and Prairie Elk Seasons.
Free Shooting Range Access for Nebraska Hunter Ed Grads
Recent firearm hunter education graduates have free access to certain shooting ranges and gun clubs to practice the skills and knowledge they learned, according to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.
Z-Corr Introduces Firearm Storage Bags
It's an inevitable, and very frustrating issue for any gun owner, collector or enthusiast: rust and corrosion on your firearms and ammunition.
Supreme Court Hears McDonald vs City of Chicago Case
Tuesday's Supreme Court oral arguments in the case of Otis McDonald, et. al, versus the City of Chicago were not a Heller rematch.
Montana's Region 7 Hunter Ed and Bow Ed Classes
Currently, there are spring Hunter Ed classes scheduled in Miles City, Sidney and Hysham. Bow Ed classes are planned in Ashland, Forsyth and Broadus. Keep checking back for additional classes.
Colorado Snow Goose Hunters Can Hunt "Unplugged"
New for the 2010 Light Goose Conservation Order, snow goose hunters may use "unplugged" shotguns--guns capable of holding more than three shells--to aid in taking light geese when the special conservation order season opens Monday, February 15.
Weatherby's New PA-08 Synthetic Shotgun
Versatile and dependable, Weatherby's® new PA-08 Synthetic pump shotgun provides hunters with a commonly affordable "workhorse" that can be counted on for years of high-volume shooting, whether it's turkeys in the spring or pheasants in the fall.