Firearm Deer Harvest 2001 Season Totals

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Hunters in Illinois harvested a preliminary total of 99,167 deer during the 2001 firearm deer season. The preliminary figure compares with a harvest total of 101,533 deer taken during the 2000 firearm season.

The preliminary second-season (Nov. 29-Dec. 2) harvest total of 36,406 compared to the 2000 second-season harvest of 28,174. This year's preliminary first-season (Nov. 16-18) deer harvest was 62,761, compared with a first-season harvest of 73,359 in 2000. (2001 first season adjusted with new information). The figures do not include deer harvested during hunts on state sites where special permits are issued.

Pike County led the state with a preliminary total harvest of 3,753. Adams County was second with 2,719.

"After near-perfect conditions last year resulted in higher firearm harvest than anticipated, we expected firearm harvest this year to decline somewhat," said IDNR Forest Wildlife Program Manager Paul Shelton. "Although unseasonably warm weather during our first season seemed to suppress success somewhat, hunters overcame rain and wind during the early part of the second season to produce our highest second-season harvest ever. The end result is that total firearm deer harvest for 2001 falls right into the expected range."

Approximately 278,000 firearm permits were issued to deer hunters in Illinois this year.

The muzzleloader-only deer hunt in Illinois is Dec. 7-9, while the handgun-only deer hunt in selected Illinois counties is Jan. 18-20, 2002. The statewide archery deer hunting season resumed Dec. 3 and continues through Jan. 17.


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I an always surprised at the

I an always surprised at the differences in the states that neighbor each other. Illinois issued less permits than the number of deer that were  killed in Wisconsin just a short distance to the north. This is a big state and I would have thought it supported a much larger herd than it does. The harvest numbers do closely follow the other states to the south and east though so Wisconsin must just have more to offer for the deer herds.

Anyway I enjoy reading these old reports and moving up tio the newer ones to see how the deer hunting has changed over the past decade.