Federal Introduces Gold Medal FITASC Paper Load

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Federal introduces a 12-gauge FITASC-qualified Gold Medal® Paper load for sporting clays shooters. When the pressure is on and it matters most, the best shooters look to Federal Premium® Gold Medal target shotshells. In addition, Federal adds 12 and 20-gauge steel options suitable for the field or the range.

Passionate Shooters Choose Gold Medal®
Gold Medal target loads have built their reputation on consistent and uniform patterns every shot, without exception. The hot 209A primer and extra-hard shot have made Gold Medal a constant for shooters competing in the country's top events.

These new loads feature the same Premium® components and cater to serious sporting clays shooters. The Gold Medal FITASC Paper loads now available get impressive performance with every pull of the trigger.

"Our Gold Medal line is for shooters who demand the most consistent and reliable target shotshells," said Kyle Tengwall, director of marketing. "And these new paper FITASC loads are no exception. They get impressive performance with a fast, 1-ounce payload. They also provide a little extra satisfaction and nostalgic feeling with that paper hull. The smell alone makes people remember what real performance is all about."

Affordable Steel Options for Clays and Birds
The requirement to shoot steel or non-lead shot at the range or in the field is becoming more common. Because of this, Federal introduces 12 and 20-gauge loads that provide consistent, reliable performance in the field or on the range. The new loads are ideal for shooters looking for steel shot options that they can afford, but won't cost them anything on their score or result in fewer birds in the bag.

Available now:

Part No. / Description
TF175 7.5 / 12-ga, 2-3/4" 1 oz #7.5 1330 fps
FRS12 6 / 12 ga, 2-3/4" 1 oz #6 Steel 1375 fps
FRS12 7 / 12 ga, 2-3/4" 1 oz #7 Steel 1375 fps
FRS20 6 / 20 ga, 2-3/4" ¾ oz #6 Steel 1425 fps
FRS20 7 20 ga, 2-3/4" ¾ oz #7 Steel 1425 fps

For more information on new target options, or the entire Federal Premium lineup, go to www.federalpremium.com.