Fall Wild Turkey Leftover Licenses

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Applicants who were unsuccessful in the 2004 fall wild turkey lottery may apply for leftover licenses. Wild turkey hunting licenses that remain after the landowner and regular lottery drawings are being offered to unsuccessful applicants at Electronic Licensing System (ELS) agency beginning at noon on Monday, Sept. 13. All hunters successful in the lottery should receive notification by Sept. 13.

Leftover permits will be available on a first-come, first sold basis at any Electronic License Sales agent and online. Online license sales can be found by clicking the regulations, licenses and permit button at www.dnr.state.mn.us. Online surplus fall turkey licenses will be also be available at noon Sept. 13.

Because hunting access in many zones is limited, hunters should obtain landowner permission before getting a leftover permit. The fall turkey hunt consists of two five-day seasons -- Oct. 13-17 and Oct. 20-24. There are 189 leftover permits available in 13 areas. The areas are: 339B: 7, 342A: 6, 342B: 47, 345A: 5, 345B: 50, 346A: 6, 346B: 35, 349B: 8, 433B: 3, 464B: 3, 465A: 2, 465B: 15, 466B: 2.

Only applicants who were unsuccessful in the fall 2004 turkey hunt lottery may obtain these licenses. A person who obtains a leftover permit does not lose any existing preference for future lottery drawings.

There is no additional application fee, but hunters obtaining leftover permits must pay the regular turkey hunting license and stamp fees. Unsuccessful party applicants must apply individually to purchase these licenses. All license sales are final; there will be no refunds.

Hunters may check the availability of leftover licenses or the status of their lottery applications on the DNR Web site at www.dnr.state.mn.us.