Fall Turkey Season Opens In Western Maryland

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The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will open the State’s fall turkey season from October 29 to November 5, 2011. Maryland only permits fall turkey hunting in Garrett, Allegany and Washington counties with a bag limit of one turkey per hunter.

“The turkey population in the fall hunting counties remains strong and hunters should find plenty of birds if they know where to look,” said DNR Wild Turkey Biologist, Bob Long. “Experienced hunters know that scouting and locating flocks can be a key part of hunting turkeys in the fall.”

DNR surveys conducted this past summer show an average reproductive success in the region, which should translate into turkey numbers similar to last fall.

DNR reminds turkey hunters participating in both the fall and spring seasons that a bag limit change remains in effect this year. Hunters are still limited to one turkey of either-sex in the fall. However, a turkey taken in the fall will not be counted toward the spring turkey season bag limit as it did in the past.

DNR recommends that hunters wear a fluorescent orange hat while moving and tie an orange ribbon around a nearby tree at calling locations. Hunters should always be sure of their target and beyond, and never stalk or sneak up on turkey sounds as it may be another hunter.

A more complete version of the turkey hunting regulations and registration procedures can be found in the 2010-2011 Maryland Guide to Hunting & Trapping issued with each hunting license or online at dnr.maryland.gov/huntersguide.


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  Interesting tht two of the


Interesting tht two of the three counties having the turkey hunting season are the same western-most counties that held the black bear hunting season.  Obviously the western portion of the state contains most of the wooded acreage. 

Great for Maryland turkey hunters as tomorrow is your opening day - good luck to you all!

This is a hunt high on my list of must do's.  I will be participating in it for 2012 and look forward to harvesting my very first turkey in this state.


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The season is coming up fast.

The season is coming up fast. Good luck to the turkey hunters in Maryland. Our season starts very soon too. I'm looking forward to it. I have been invited to hunt some private property in southern Oregon that has a very healthy turkey population so I have a good chance at bagging a bird. Those are some very good safety tips thrown in there as well. Most of our hunting accidents are actually during turkey hunts. It's from people not knowing there targets and shooting at sounds. Also people stalking in at turkey chirps and spooking the calling hunter. Lets hope for a safe season and everyone can bag their turkeys.