Fall Hunting Seasons Rapidly Approaching

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Those wishing to take advantage of the upcoming fall hunting season should make sure they have met hunter education requirements and that can be done in two ways– on a home computer or through the traditional classroom course, according to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Wildlife Resources Division (WRD).

“Hunter education is available to everyone, regardless of time restraints or other conflicts” says WRD Hunter Education Coordinator Capt. James Bell. “The availability of the CD-Rom course meets the needs of those whose schedules do not allow them to spend ten hours in a classroom but the classroom course is available for those who prefer the hands-on method of teaching.”

WRD provides the following information on hunter education requirements:

· Residents and non-residents born on or after Jan. 1, 1961, must successfully complete a hunter education course prior to purchasing a season hunting license (not required for purchase of a one-day or seven-day license). -

· Hunter education courses certified or mandated by any state wildlife agency or Canadian province are accepted.

· Hunter education is not required to hunt on one’s own land or land of a parent or guardian.

· Hunters under the age of 12 are not required to complete a hunter education course.

· Hunters age 12-15 must complete a hunter education course prior to hunting unless they are under the supervision of a licensed adult over the age of 18.

Pre-registration is required for anyone interested in taking a hunter education course. Hunters can call the Central Reservations System (CRS) 1-800-864-7275 to register by phone. A service charge applies to registrations made through CRS. Alternately, hunters can go to the WRD web site at www.georgiawildlife.com to search and register for a hunter education course at no charge. Participants should particularly note that there is a cut-off date for registration three days prior to the start of a class.

In addition to signing up for a hunter education class, sportsmen and women also can replace hunter education cards through the same phone and online services. As with hunter education course registration, a service charge applies to the CRS phone line but there is no charge for using the WRD website.

For more information on Hunter Education, contact the local WRD Law Enforcement Office or the Hunter Education Office (770) 784-3068. To receive a copy of the CD-Rom Hunter Education course, call or stop by the local WRD Law Enforcement Office:

· Region I - Calhoun -(770) 769-9680

· Region II-Gainesville-(770) 535-5499

· Region III-Thomson-(706) 595-4211

· Region IV-Macon -(478) 751-6415

· Region V-Albany-(229) 430-4252

· Region VI-Metter-(912) 685-2145

· Region VII-Brunswick-(912) 264-7237