Fall 2005 Big Game Draw Changes

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Applying for a hunt permit-tag in this fall's draw? Significant changes have been made to the process this year:

The online application process has been suspended. For the fall 2005 draw, a manual system with paper applications is the only way to apply.

To apply:
1) fill out a paper application.
2) include a check, cashier's check or money order payable to the Arizona Game and Fish Department for all applicable license, hunt permit-tag and application fees.
3) mail or deliver to any department office by 7 p.m. (MST), June 14.
Note: The department must receive completed paper applications by the deadline; postmarks don't count.

Inside tip: On deadline day all Arizona Game and Fish offices will be inundated with people who waited until the last minute. Save time: apply early. If you apply by May 27, the department will review your application and attempt to contact you if any errors are found.

Pick up the new regulations and hunt draw permit applications at department offices, at license dealers or download them from the department's Web site. Regulations and applications will be available first from azgfd.gov in downloadable PDF format on May 2. Hard copies will be available at all department offices and license dealers around May 20. Throw away any old applications. Due to process changes they are no good. The new applications are yellow; the old ones are white.

All applicants must buy a hunting license. In the past, applicants could ask that a license be issued only if they were drawn. This year, all applicants must have a hunting license to be eligible for the draw. Hunters who don't already have a license can apply for one on the hunt permit application form. If you choose to apply for a license at the time of application, you must include the license fee with each application you make. However, only one license will be issued and the other license fees will be refunded.

Buying a license to enter the draw? For twice the fun, buy a combination hunting-fishing license. Take advantage of Arizona's wettest winter in a decade - fish Arizona!

Hunt permit-tag fees must be paid up front. All application fees, hunt permit-tag fees, and license fees (if applying for a license at time of application) must be included with the application. Hunt permit-tag fees will be refunded if the applicant is unsuccessful in the draw. A bonus point may be purchased for the cost of the license (if needed) and for the application fee only, instead of paying the entire tag fee.

A loyalty bonus point has been created. A single loyalty bonus point will be awarded for people who buy a license and apply for big game hunts for five consecutive years. The point is genus specific and will be retained as long as the hunter continues to apply each calendar year for that genus. The starting year for record keeping purposes is 2001. So, anyone who applies for a genus, and has applied for that same genus every year beginning in 2001, will earn a loyalty bonus point for that genus in this drawing. A proposed conservation bonus point that hunters can earn for volunteer effort is in the rulemaking process and will not be in place for the fall 2005 draw.

The bonus point pass percentage is higher. The bonus point pass percentage has increased from 10 to 20 percent, meaning that 20 percent of tags will be set aside for applicants with the highest number of bonus points.

A set-aside percentage of bighorn sheep hunt permits for nonresidents has been created. Fifteen percent of the total available bighorn sheep hunt permit-tags in any calendar year will be set aside for nonresidents.

Eager to hear draw results? By July 29, customers will be able to get draw results through azgfd.gov and by telephone at (602) 942-3000. Permits will be mailed to successful applicants in late July.