Extra Elk Licenses, More Liberal Regulations Now in Effect for Elk Areas 6 and 108 Wyoming

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The Wyoming Game and Fish Department has enacted an emergency elk regulation in an effort to get increased harvest in elk areas 6 between Cheyenne and Laramie and 108 south of Rawlins.

In elk area 6, the WGFD has provided an additional 300 type 6 cow/calf licenses. The additional licenses have been made available due to the elk area being over its population objective. The type 6 license is valid off national forest and can be purchased as a second license in addition to the regular limited quota or general license. Wyoming regulation allows hunters to have two elk licenses as long as one is the reduced price type 6 or type 7 license. Hunters should be aware that public access in the area is limited. For more information on the type 6 licenses and potential access, hunters can call the Laramie WGFD office at (307) 745-4046.

The emergency regulation in elk area 108 has liberalized the regulation to allow holders of certain license types to hunt in all of area 108. Valid licenses for the area are 108 type 7 licenses and unused area 108 type 1, 4, and 6 licenses and unused area 21 type 6 licenses. Previous to the emergency regulation, these licenses were only valid in a portion of 108. Hunters are advised there are still more than 450 area 108 type 7 licenses available.

The Sierra Madre Herd Unit has more than twice as many elk as the population management objective of 4,200 animals. Area 108 is in the northern portion of the herd unit and is also where there has been a problem with lichen toxicity in elk in previous years.

The Game and Fish has been working with landowners in the area to develop additional access and increase elk harvest. Lander Wildlife Supervisor Jason Hunter said it is extremely important that hunters harvest as many elk as possible in the area to ensure wintering elk numbers in 108 are at accepted levels. The landowners and the Game and Fish are committed to harvesting more elk in the area.

Hunters are encouraged to contact the Lander WGFD office at (307) 332-2688 or Rawlins field personnel for more information.  

Seasons in both elk areas are open until Jan. 31, 2012. The area 6 type 6 and 108 type 7 licenses can be purchased from automated license agents, WGFD regional offices or online at http://gf.state.wy.us. All licenses will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis until the quotas are reached. Hunters are alerted that sales of these licenses will end on Dec. 31 of this year.


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  A great additional


A great additional opportunity for the Wyoming elk hunters... especially those with private property access within this area.  At the time of typing this response there were 243 area 6 type 6 licenses left.  Looking at non-resident licenses for special elk they have a price of $288.00... so I stopped looking for anything for myself here.  This is also an area that provides more access via private property versus public property.  So if you don't have a private property access alreay set up then this may be a wishful thought for an additional hunt.  The article does state that the Wyoming GFD is working to provide more access to private property for hunters.  That would definitely be a plus to get these licenses sold.  Whatever is accomplished to secure access to these private properties would definitely need to be well communicated to allow those possible hunters to take advantage of this.

The release of 300 addirtional licenses for this area is a great opportunity for putting some cow elk meat in the freezer or donating it.  Hopefully the licenses get sold and the cow elk are harvested to ensure this herd is properly managed to the objective.


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Wow, more than twice the

Wow, more than twice the desired population of elk in that one area of Wyoming?  Well, I would be willing to help them out with that. Wink

As Hunter says, it's a great opportunity to take a nice elk.  Good to see them adding tags in some places, instead of taking them away.  Seems too often that we hear about hunters losing land, or having tags decreased.  It's a good thing when the numbers go up instead.

Good luck to any of the hunters in Wyoming that get to take advantage of this!  I don't see it mentioned though if it's available to out of state hunters or not, and what the possibility of private land access is.  Or, is there lots of public land?  Either way, it's a pretty good deal.

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Looks like a great

Looks like a great opportunity for any one that has the means to take advantage of it. I didn't check the price but most of the other Wyoming antlerless tags are a great deal. It says not a lot of public access in the units mentione dbut it would be worth at least checking out it you could get up there. It went through my mind briefly to look into it but I've traveled too much and taken too many days off already to even think about it more.