Exotics Hunting News

Rhino Wars in Southern Africa
"Bloody assault against SA rhinos" was the title of an article published by The Pretoria News on January 10, 2009; and the author stated that "at least 76 white and black rhinos were killed by poachers in South Africa's reserves, national parks and on private land last year, illustrating the sudden bloody assault on the country's rhino populations for their valuable horns - but the figure may be much higher."
Arizona's Collared Jaguar Euthanized Tuesday
A collared jaguar from southern Arizona that was recaptured Tuesday for medical intervention has been euthanized after veterinarians determined the cat was in severe and unrecoverable kidney failure.
Australians Urged to Eat More Camels
Australians were urged on Tuesday to eat camels to stop them wreaking environmental havoc, just months after being told to save the world from climate change by consuming kangaroos.
Endangered Jaguar Getting Help in Arizona
It's been a busy week for an endangered jaguar at the Phoenix Zoo. After arriving last Friday from Mexico, the animal underwent complex surgery to begin its recovery from injuries sustained while in captivity.
South African Rhino Horn Trade Halted
Some hunters have been abusing permits to shoot rhinos and export illegally obtained rhino horns - probably poached and directly linked to organized crime - as "hunting trophies."
Tanzania: Mystery Surrounds Lion Hunting Permits
Mystery surrounds lion hunting permits the Arusha-based Marera Safaris Lodge and Tours (T) Ltd allegedly used last year in Iringa District's Idodi and Pawaga Wildlife Management Area (WMA), which is managed by a body known as Mbomipa.
Cat Shot in Missouri Not a Mountain Lion
Experts say the large cat that frightened a woman in rural Newton County in May was not native to Missouri or even to North America. Conservation officials say that much was obvious from the cat's color.
King of the Jungle is Dying?
Over the past two decades, the worldwide population of lions has fallen from over 200,000 to approximately 35,000 presently.
Leopard in Northern Cape Conservation Area Saved
A big male leopard, described as "the most beautiful cat in the Cape", has used several of its nine lives after being caught in a gin trap and then becoming trapped on a narrow ledge high on a cliff face with the device firmly clamped to its paw.
Bongo Antelope to be Released in Mount Kenya Forest
Four years after their repatriation from the US, a herd of bongo antelopes will be released into the wild in Mount Kenya forest.