Errors Found in 02-03 Big Game Rules

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The recently distributed Big Game Rules and Information Booklet (RIB) contains errors.

The fee for Ibex for residents of New Mexico is $69.00 not $63.00 as listed on Form3 page 59.

Some hunts are mistakenly listed as High Demand and should be Standard fee hunts. What follows is an updated list of all the High Demand hunts for Deer and Elk for the 2002-2003 hunting seasons. Only the Big Game Management Units and hunts listed below are considered High Demand. Some of these hunts also may be Quality/High Demand hunts. All Quality hunts listed in the RIB are correct.

Nonresident hunters applying for High Demand hunts must pay a higher fee. Some nonresident hunters already may have submitted the higher amount for a hunt incorrectly listed in the RIB as High Demand. Those hunters who successfully draw those hunts will receive a refund for the difference between the High Demand and the Standard fee. If they do not draw, they will receive all their money back, minus the $6 application fee.


Big Game Management Unit Hunt Code

Any Legal Sporting Arms

Unit 5A DER-1-150

Unit 27 DER-1-152

Bows Only

Unit 2B DER-2-118


Any Legal Sporting Arms

Unit 4 ELK-1-003

Unit 16A ELK-1-034

Unit 16A ELK-1-069

Unit 16B ELK-1-035

Unit 16B ELK-1-070

Unit 16C ELK-1-036

Unit 16C ELK-1-071

Unit 16D ELK-1-037

Unit 16D ELK-1-072

Unit 16E ELK-1-038

Unit 16E ELK-1-073

Unit 21A ELK-1-039

Unit 21A ELK-1-074

Unit 36 ELK-1-047

Unit 36 ELK-1-078

Unit 55 ELK-1-023

Unit 55 ELK-1-059

Unit 55 ELK-1-089

Bows Only

Unit 15A ELK-2-023

Unit 15A ELK-2-047

Unit 15B ELK-2-025

Unit 15B ELK-2-048

Unit 16A ELK-2-027

Unit 16A ELK-2-049

Unit 16B ELK-2-029

Unit 16B ELK-2-050

Unit 16C ELK-2-030

Unit 16C ELK-2-051

Unit 16D ELK-2-032

Unit 16D ELK-2-052

Unit 16E ELK-2-034

Unit 16E ELK-2-053

Unit 17 ELK-2-036

Unit 17 ELK-2-054

Unit 36 ELK-2-012

Unit 55 ELK-2-020

Muzzleloaders Only

Unit 9 ELK-3-011

Unit 9 ELK-3-023

Unit 10 ELK-3-013

Unit 15A ELK-3-025

Unit 15A ELK-3-032

Unit 15B ELK-3-026

Unit 15B ELK-3-043

Unit 17 ELK-3-027

Unit 34 ELK-3-015

Unit 36 ELK-3-016

Units 44/45 ELK-3-003

Unit 55 ELK-3-006

Mobility Impaired

Unit 16D ELK-4-003

Unit 34 ELK-4-005