Elk Hunting News

Elk Hunting Apps Available
With the recent approval of the 2002 elk hunt, the Pennsylvania Game Commission will begin accepting applications today from those interested in being included in the public drawing for one of 70 elk hunting licenses to be made available for this fall's season. The public drawing is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 28, and the elk season is set for Nov. 18-23.
2002 Elk Season Set
South Dakota's 2002 elk seasons have been finalized with more licenses than last year and a December, additional antlerless-only opportunity under the Black Hills firearms season. Total available licenses for the Black Hills firearms elk season increased from 490 any elk, 160 bull elk and 474 antlerless elk to 496 any elk and 676 antlerless elk licenses. Another change combined units 407 and 408 into an expanded unit 407. Lastly, additional opportunity in December was established for antlerless elk licenses in all units.
Elk Poaching Information Sought
The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) is asking for citizens' help in identifying individuals responsible for killing several bull elk recently in the Mount St. Helens Wildlife Area south of State Route 504 in southwest Washington.
Fewer Elk Permits
Drought is having an impact on elk populations and the Arizona Game and Fish Department is recommending 5,459 fewer elk hunt permits this year compared to last year. The Arizona Game and Fish Commission will be considering the department's 2002 big game hunt recommendations during its meeting in Phoenix on April 13th.
Big Game Harvest Down
Colorado's final elk, deer, moose, and pronghorn harvest numbers are in. The success rate and total harvest numbers are down, in some cases considerably, from the 2000 harvest. The one exception is moose, which saw a doubling in available licenses last year. The DOW blames unseasonably mild weather and low hunter participation due to the economic recession.
Elk Season Proposals
The state Game, Fish and Parks Commission recently proposed South Dakota's 2002 elk seasons. Included would be a few additional licenses and an additional, December antlerless-only opportunity under the Black Hills firearms season. Preference will apply to the prairie elk season. Preference can be switched within season units, but not between different seasons. In other words, preference for Black Hills elk cannot be used for prairie elk seasons or visa-versa.
Expanded Elk and Black Bear Hunting Proposed
A few more tags and greatly expanded hunting areas will be available to elk hunters next fall in California's far north--if recommendations from the Department of Fish and Game are approved by the state Fish and Game Commission. The DFG also has proposed bumping the statewide quota trigger on bear season kill from 1,500 to 1,700. Bear hunting seasons have been cut short in recent years because the reported kill has hit the 1,500 mark before the scheduled season end.
Tuberculosis Survey Public Meetings
The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife will host five informational meetings around the state next week to describe an ongoing tuberculosis investigation in eastern Oregon wildlife and to answer questions. Biologists from ODFW and the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) will present details on the disease and its transmission risks, current findings, and plans for ongoing research and sampling. ODFW and ODA confirmed the presence of tuberculosis (TB) in one farmed elk late last year. Since then, state and federal agencies have worked to determine the source of the TB and whether it is present in the wild.
Weiser Elk Moved
More than 170 elk formerly residing in the Weiser Cove area have been relocated to Hells Canyon. The trapping/relocation effort was initiated after other more traditional methods designed to significantly reduce the elk population in Weiser Cove failed. According to the Idaho Fish and Game, depredation hunts, kill permits, hazing techniques, and a five month hunting season did not lower the elk population to target levels. In one such round up effort over 50 elk were killed; trampled by other elk in their holding pen.
Big Game at the Olympics
Salt Lake City has had problems with big game animal encounters for years. The Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) is especially concerned this winter with the city hosting the Olympics. To help avoid car/people/animal incidents the DWR is distributing 25,000 copies of a "Be Safe During the 2002 Olympic Winter Games" brochure to car rental dealerships along the Wasatch Front. The DWR is concerned that a heavy snow storm could push the big game into areas populated with Olympic visitors.